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Humphreys & Co. Salon offers only the finest and most delicate products, to help you achieve your personal style, and gain confidence in your hair identity. Below is a list of our products, and a short informative description. Please feel free to stop by and sample our products, even if you your not currently a client!

Davines Haircare

Davines, afounded in Italy, is the finest haircare product in the world. An eco-friendly company, with high standards, and no diversion (wont find it in your local drug stores). This company is on top when it comes to making hair care to suit everyone's specific needs. Davines' Essential line consists of an array of smooth, and delicate shampoos and conditioners, along with leave-in treatments. There is a combination for any type of hair. Davines' Styling for Wizards line consists of truly powerful styling and finishing products. Inside the unique packaging is some of the worlds most wonderful creations, blended for your pleasure. Davines' Defining  line is another collection of elegant styling and finishing products. The whole idea being the Defining line, is to promote "defining ones identity". Davines' Natural Tech line is full of treatments for specific problems that your hair might have. "By uniting the best elements of nature, man and technology, we were able to create a synergy that is pure, strong, and proficient".

Academie Skincare

The world's most impressive and effective skincare! Imported from Paris, France. Academie makes products for all sorts of skin types. Whether you have dry skin, acne, oily skin, or just looking to refresh, Acadamie has something with you. Academie produces skin toners, exfoliants, lotions, facial masks, anti-redness, anti-fragility, cleansers, eye creams, and much more to make your skin look smoother, healthier, and younger! Try it now!

BioElements Make-Up

Forget everything you knew about makeup. Bioelements will truly change the way you treat the surface of your skin. Created with balance and built-in skincare. Bioelements targets the traits of perfect complexion. Bioelements is formulated with beneficial ingredients like topical calcium, alpha lipoic acid, botanical extracts, and intelligent antioxidants. It's also incredibly easy to use. A complementary makeup application is offered after each styling service.

Biofreeze & Tiger Balm

These are two great products for relaxing your muscles. Just rub on areas that are sore, and watch the magic happen. It works great for massages, before going bed, or before/after doing any sort of hard labor. It comes in forms of cream, spray, and roll-on. If you want to reduce physical stress, pick up this product!