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The ultimate in the process of rejuvenating your skin to it's optimum potential. A thorough cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing with a personal skin analysis precedes a professionally designed facial spa, to accommodate your skin's own needs.

A Small Sampling of the treatments are:  (Descriptions)

Collagen Facial                                                 

A sheet of pure collagen is added during the facial. A natural moisture elastin, collagen helps to eliminate fine lines.

Eye Treatment

Designed to beautify "The Windows of The Soul", eye treatments come in either an anti-aging or an anti-puffy formula.

Alpha-Hydroxy Facial

The use of fruity acids have been used to reduce fine lines and to restore a natural balance to over stimulated sebaceous glands. Our skincare professional will select the strength "AHA" for your own skin and may recommend a series of treatments.

Humphreys & Co. Replenishing Facial

Designed for those experiencing their first professional facial and for those in routine maintenance, the replenishing facial is the first stand against the effects of the enviroment on our skin. The finest in European skincare research brings you a facial that deep cleanses, hydrates, and oxygenates the skin tissue. As with all facials, our esthetician will provide you with a thorough consultation for your own home skin care needs.

Humphreys & Co. Back Facial

"A Facial For your Back". Just because you can't see it doesn't mean others don't. The same process for deep cleansing, hydrating, and oxygenating is used to care for an area of your body most often neglected. Look as beautiful when you leave the room as when you enter it.


  • Facial Spa - $100-$150
  • Replenishing Facial - $85
  • Back Facial - $85
  • ****ALL Facial spas may be purchased in a series of 6 for a 10% savings.