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Massage Humphreys and Company offers a massage atmosphere that is focused solely on you.  While you are here for your massage, you will be the only client......the whole salon is yours.  Massage is based in my Buddhist chakra training, massaging each of the chakra to tell me how your body's energy is flowing.  Then as a level two Reiki practitioner, there will be some Reiki used as well, burning of white sage and use of essential oils.  It is about healing, relaxing, and invigorating your body to peacefully return to the world.

Massage Pricing:

  • $85 per hour.
  • $110 per hour and 1/2.


Humphreys & Co. has long offered skin care and body waxing for men. Using the finest skin products from Europe, we ensure the youngest and freshest skin possible. We have added to our waxing products, four different types of wax from "Depileve", a product from France. Each wax is suited to different skin types and waxing conditions.


Licensed estheticians offer the newest and hottest looks for men and their bodies! Great for any season! If you don't know the difference, just ask!

  • Bikini Wax - Remove hair that would show outside a small cut or thong bathing suit.
  • Brazilian Wax - Remove all hair, except for a distinctive patch.
  • Hollywood Wax - Everything goes!
  • We also provide any other kind of waxing.......back, legs, chest, just ask!


Wash the area to be waxed completely with an antibacterial soap before you arrive. Hair should be at least 1/4 inches long for successful waxing

Don't shower in hot water or use soap products on waxed area for 12 hours after waxing. An antibacterial oil will be applied directly after waxing, and using a diluted tea tree oil at home after treatment will prevent red bumps from forming. These bumps will occur if bacteria enters the hair follicle after the waxing treatment. Exfoliating the area also helps to prevent the formation of these bumps. And, if they should occur, DO NOT squeeze them.

Waxing should keep the hair away for around 6 weeks, depending on hair growth.


  • $40 per 15 minutes of waxing.

The length of any treatment depends on the area to be waxed, the length of the hair, and the coarseness of the hair. We will be glad to quote a "ballpark" figure over the phone, or an exact price on preliminary consultation.

Come on! Be smooth! It's Great!